Rhett at the age of 5 has always been my most independent child. Rhett at age 5 telling a storyBeing the third boy, it was his way of proving himself to his brothers. Proving his worth to brothers who themselves were still asking for help in the same situation. Of course, as the third child, it is also a survival mechanism.   At some point, if you need something you are going to have to get it yourself! Because Rhett is my last, I have cherished the infrequent help he requires. I know how quickly this stage is passed. How quickly the mommy-need disappears. How easily an extra hug can be applied in the middle of assistance. And now Rhett is exploiting it. He is manipulating a cherished mommy-moment into a dictatorship. It starts out so sweetly… Mommy, can you help me take a bath? Of course!   Lay down and I will wash your hair. No!   I don’t want to wash my hair. I will do it for you. No!   Wash my feet first! Let’s wash your hair. No!   I don’t want to wash my hair! You asked for my help and this is what I am willing to do.   Lay down! Then a few minutes later the scene is repeated on a different set… Mommy, can you help me pick out my pajamas? Sure.   Let me go get your underwear. Please pick out my pajamas too. Here.   Put these on while I find you some pajamas. OK. Here are your Mario pajamas. I don’t want those. Why?   They are your favorite. I don’t want to wear them tonight.   Pick something else out. Here are your Lego Star Wars pajamas. Nope.   Pick something else. Why do you want ME to pick out your pajamas if you don’t want to wear anything I chose? I want you to figure out my way. Displaying Independence badge*** In honor of Independence Day, the moms of Mom Loop are celebrating our children’s independence with a link-up. Please add your link below if you have written or posted a picture of your child displaying independence. And please grab the badge code from my sidebar. Join in the celebration!

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  1. Just the same as my youngest telling me, “Can you help me so I can help you?” LOL! What can I do, he loves staying by me and his dad when we’re cooking. And likes his own chair, kitchen utensils and even wants the spices near him! Good one, Rhett! You make your mom prouder!