a strawberry story

strawberry field at Monterey Bay AcademyOnce upon a time, on a cool hill next to the ocean, a strawberry grew.

strawberry blossomsIt lifted delicate petals to the sun with hope.

strawberries in handHope that turns caterpillars into butterflies.

CA Strawberry growersHope that needs the tending which comes from generations of transformation experience.

strawberry field

Hope that grows to fruition.

strawberry close upThe success is then picked and shipped across the country…

strawberry crepes…where it is celebrated with enthusiasm while reaching for whipped cream.

I love strawberries.

There is just no downside to them.

Just pros without cons.

When the California Strawberry Commission invited me to Monterey for a tour, I HAD to go and meet the strawberries in person.

In their natural habitat.

Strawberry bloggers(Me, Sugar Jones, Carol, MJ, Niri and photo credit to the un-pictured, but not forgotten David Grotto)

It was a whirlwind tour of strawberry goodness.

I ate my weight in strawberries at each field we visited.

It was my duty to get the story.

california strawberryMy trip was sponsored by the CA Strawberry Commission.

They didn’t even make me pay for the 1000s of strawberries I ate while there.   They are nice that way.

All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Strawberries are of the Gods…you are one lucky LUCKY lady…

  2. oh my sooooooooooooooo envious. I can’t wait for it to be strawberry season down my end of the world… I am just drooling over these photos!

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