The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are scheduled to run February 6 “ 23. With winter beginning to fade (at least in some places!), February seems like a perfect month for an olympics party! winter-olympic-themed-party-ideas Why not throw an Olympic themed winter party to add fuel to childhood dreams of being the best? On my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, we major on party ideas for boys (and non-frilly girls!), so I have some party suggestions to share with you!

Decoration Ideas for an Olympic Themed Party

Decorations for an Olympic themed party can be quite simple. The colorful Olympic rings, the Olympic torch, medals and podiums are readily recognized symbols and this year the polar bear, snow leopard and snow hare mascots will add fun decorating potential. Winter sport paraphernalia (or miniature versions) can add to an athletic vibe, as do posters of favorite Olympic athletes.

Kid Activities for an Olympics Party

For younger children, a party activity might include coloring pictures of skaters, skiers, or bobsledders. Decorating an Olympic medal is fun, too. Whether you opt for an arts and crafts type version, or pre-bake sugar cookie medals to be frosted, kids typically enjoy the hands-on participation. Give each child an opportunity to wear their medal and to have their picture taken on the Winner's Stand. I also love this build your own mascot idea that uses Legos. If you are able to include snow play as part of the gathering, a sled ride over a few bumps can stand in for a bobsled competition. If you opt to take the party outside, be certain to alert parents of your intentions so kids come to the party appropriately dressed for the activities. You might also create your own fantasy Olympics by including outdoor events such as what team can: build the widest snowman; roll the largest snowball; hit the bull's eye target. Anything to keep them moving and working together can be fun, but make sure young children aren't in the cold too long. If you prefer to maintain all of the party activities inside, plan some faux events. A simple relay race course (run around the ottoman, jump over the pillows, do three somersaults) can cause excitement when your team is cheering! Balloon pass, crab walk, and jump across the room to win a medal. An Olympic themed party is a perfect opportunity to talk about building important life habits of exercise (do some), healthy food choices (offer some) and good rest (maybe you can have five minutes of quiet time!). The entire party could expand on these three aspects and be very successful. Whether or not any of your party guests compete in future Olympics, healthy habits make everyone a winner plus an afternoon spent with friends is always cause for celebration! What would be your child’s favorite event at an Olympic Themed Party?

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  1. Creating your own Olympic mascot with Legos is a great idea. Would love if you linked up with us