Each week in our Activity-a-Day calendar we study a different letter and try to do a few fun activities that either begin with or incorporate that weeks letter.   Here are some fun activities we discovered to go along with our week of “F”.   Anythings that your kids have done that you’d like to add to the collection?   Leave a link in the comments.

Kids Love Finger Plays.

My daughter first fell in love with fingerplays at our Church’s Sunday School, while waiting in line for their chance in the restroom, the kids would do finger plays to help keep them occupied.   I remember amazement when she came home as a nearly 3 year old and could count backwards (something I hadn’t thought of teaching her). E had learned it in one of that week’s finger plays.   Preschool Rainbow has a bunch of different rhymes and fingerplays.   What are your kids favorite finger plays? .

Funny Faces.

This is definitely on my to-do list!   I keep forgetting the next time we are at McDonald’s (aka our hangout when we are having house showings – The kids love the playcenter) to pick up a couple of the little paper ramekins that they use to dispense ketchup.   This is a really fun craft idea from Jessica from Scrumdily-Do.   She used those ramekins to make a bunch of fun characters.   I can easily see my oldest two kiddos becoming enthralled in a table dramatization with these little buddies. .

We All have Feelings.

We made cookies this week, and boy do I wish we had found this post first!   Doesn’t this look like a ton of fun!   Little Page Turner has a creative cookie time where she colored dough and created face/feelings cookies.   Some have happy faces, some of the cookies have silly faces, some are even a bit wacky!   This would be the perfect activity to help our kiddos recognize different emotions (especially kiddos with sensory processing difficulties). . We had fun in a previous post playing emotion charades in our bathroom’s mirror.   Any fun things you’ve done lately that begin with the letter “F”?   Let us know! . Thanks Harry for the fingers photo!

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  3. Ok, super cool site. Totally up my ally. I give lots of tips and tutorials on my site as well. (I am a mom of 5…. boys!)

    Somehow I got your card last night at BBC, but I do not think I got to meet you. Your daughter is just adorable- my husband was admiring her at the cocktail party.

    Adding you to my blogroll. Can’t wait to take more of a look around. 🙂

  4. I really love your site! You’ve come up with great ideas for the letter “F”. My daughter just finished with the letter “G” this week in preschool. They create something everyday beginning with the letter and on Friday’s they have “show and share”, and each kid has to bring something that starts with the letter for the week. Sometimes I have the hardest time coming up with ideas. Will have to stop by here first for now on!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  5. Great activities! I ™m a real lover of finger plays and appreciate the link. And the cookies are adorable! Happy to be visiting from Mom Loop.

  6. Both of these are great ideas. Thank goodness for all you creative moms out there. I’d probably just stick a sock on my hand and call it a puppet. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll come up with a duct tape activity for next week? Dropping by from Mom Loop’s Friday Comment Follow! Have a wonderful weekend!

    –Michael (aka: adaddyblog.com)