the disqualified friend

I noticed that my older boys both went through a difficult stretch in 2nd grade where they claimed they had no friends.

boy laughing

From the outside looking in, it was obvious that they were exaggerating a bit.

But even with problem amplification, it tugs at a mother’s heart to hear those voiced concerns.

Ryan went on to third grade and the problem immediately improved.   I don’t know if it was a stage or the class, but on the first day of school he came home reporting at least 4 friends.

Reid is in the last month of second grade and laments the lack of classroom best friends.   It is funny with Reid because he is very social in most situations.   He easily falls into play with other kids at the park.   When I pass the playground at school during recess, he always seems to be running or jumping or climbing.

He does have two best friends, but they both are in first grade and the recess time doesn’t seem to overlap.

Do you play at recess with other kids?


Aren’t those kids your friends?

Well, I really only play with one other person.

So, you DO have a friend in second grade!


Why isn’t he a friend?

It isn’t a friend.   It is a girl.


I chase her around a bunch.   She likes to be a dragon.

And what are you?

I am the dragon hunter.



  1. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    What a wonderful game! Dragons and dragon hunters sounds like fun!

  2. I can certainly relate. Especially with a child with social disorders. It always pains me when they say this or have tears. But it sounds like he will be just fine. How cute.

  3. I was just commenting to a friend last night that 2nd grade has been a year of social awakening. Learning lots more bad words, body parts, how to be mean, tattling, boy/girl stuff, etc. I try to keep it in its proper context and hope I find the right words to convey it.

    I’m sure he’s a fine dragon hunter – and they’re still our little boys.

  4. Sad… my sweet Genny has always struggled with friends. when she was little though, she wasn’t so sweet to her friends. And quite honestly, she may not be so sweet to her friends now because she’s kind of a poop sometimes when I AM around, so i don’t know if her well hidden monster face slips out when I’m not looking…

    Adolescence is tough… I am trying to remember… is that about when the social pyramid of popularity begins to develop? Maybe that’s what it is…

  5. That is classic!! I am so happy to have found you NEW and very happy follower 🙂

    When I was in second grade I remember hunting down the boys and trying to kiss them. For some reason there was a war between boys and girls and we were always trying to infiltrate the other side etc lol.

  6. “It isn’t a friend. It’s a girl” I love it! Those are the moments I often find myself turning and smirking when those moments happen here.

  7. I wonder if the young dragon knows her shortcomings. =)
    Don’t you love boys?

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