Gift for Kids {with Longevity} Under $10

Y’all know how we are here at Kids Activities Blog about…well, kids activities!   That is one reason why we adore this new sponsor, Clued In Kids, because they are ALL about activities for kids.

They have created an amazing gift for kids that engages them in play and the bonus is that because it has just been launched, they don’t already HAVE it!

It teaches and, like a video game, captivates kids with challenge and adventure while also keeping them moving and healthy.  Best of all it  makes memories kids will  cherish forever.

And it sells for  under $10.  

What is it?  

A treasure hunt gift in a greeting card, containing pre-made clues (puzzles, activities) plus treasure.

Clued in Kids Treasure Hunt Gift in a Greeting Card - Kids Activities Blog


Clued In Kids Treasure Hunt

Want to become a favorite auntie or grandpa?

Buy the card (created by Clued In Kids) and mail it to one child or several siblings — the hunt can be played by between 1 and 10 kids ages 4 and up.  

When the card arrives at the child's home in a cool treasure chest envelope, the hunt inside takes only minutes for an adult to set up by hiding the clues around the home.   Each clue is an activity or puzzle (teaching math, history, etc.) that, when solved, reveals the location of the next clue and the next until treasure is found at the end.

Clued In Kids Happy Holiday Treasure Hunt - Kids Activities Blog

After the hunt is set up, the kids take the first clue and roam the home, collaborate and have fun relatively independently for an hour or more, giving parents time to baste the turkey, check email, take a shower, etc.   (In this way, I suppose, its as much a gift for the parents as it is for the kids).

Clued In Kids Treasure Hunt Clue 6 - Kids Activities Blog


The Clued In Kids Story

Clued In Kids founder, Helen Whiteley Bertelli, is a North Carolina mom who grew up in England and enjoyed treasure hunting as a child.  She began staging hunts for her own girls and found it a powerful way to teach academic as well as social skills.

She also found that hunts also gave her time to cook without kids under foot was an added bonus!

Clued In Kids Clue 11 - Kids Activities Blog

After spending countless afternoons creating clues in her office while her kids and their friends poked their heads around the door asking Is it ready yet?,  she began looking for pre-made hunts that would engage her kids while making her own life easier, but found nothing.

Then, during a visit from England and over a cup of tea, her mum said you should do this for a living.    On flicked a light bulb and since that moment she hasn't stopped smiling.    

To make the hunts as effective and appealing as possible, Helen has assembled an advisory board of teachers, business and marketing executives as well as a talented creative team of designers, software engineers, animators and a well-known children's book illustrator.  The company's goal is to make treasure hunting a part of living and learning in homes and schools across the country.

Clued In Kids products include greeting cards, printables, memberships and software to create your own puzzles, and are enjoyed by kids, teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and grandparents across the country.

Watch an animated video of the Clued In Kids characters doing a hunt here:

Free Thanksgiving Printable from Clued In Kids

Start your holiday fun with this free download printable from Clued In Kids:

Clued In Kids Free Thanksgiving Printable for Kids


You can click on the photo above or HERE to print this cute Thanksgiving download for kids.  There is also a full Thanksgiving-themed treasure hunt available with 12 printable clues for kids for $5.99.

Give Clued In Kids as a Gift

The Clued In Kids holiday greeting card + hunt can be purchased HERE  for $9.95.

Happy Hunting!

Thanks so much to Clued In Kids for supporting Kids Activities Blog and inspiring us with fun activities to keep kids busy and active!

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