Let’s shop with Holly!

While in the toy aisles of Wal-Mart last night I came across the perfect gift for all the 8 year old boys on your Christmas list.

These toys are brought to us by the geniuses at WWE.

They are:

Ruthless Aggression is a series of “action” figures that ages 8 and up can play with at home!

If your 8 year old son has grown out of the Barbie phase, yet still prefers blonds:

Don’t worry if blonds aren’t his thing:

Thank God this is series 28. I can’t get enough of this!

I was a little shocked by the age 8 recommendation, but then tried to figure out a more appropriate age…

…but I gave up.

It just seems inappropriate for ANY age.

And now Barbie looks like a nun.


  1. oh my. thank goodness my kids haven’t seen these. of course they would probably laugh just as hard as i did! coming back to america has been an adventure for sure! major reverse culture shock!

  2. Weaselmomma says:

    Looks like the WWE has gone into Jello wrestling.

  3. Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge says:

    I’m. Just. Stunned. I’d like to say something witty but I got nuthin.

    Thank God their clothes aren’t removable! They’d never get them back on over that rack!!

  4. jill jill bo bill says:

    They are teaching youngsters that you can be ugly as sin, but if you have ginormous fake boobage, people won’t look at your ugly mug. I totally get it!

  5. Wow, just wow.

  6. spinning in our own direction says:

    OMG!!!! Soo gald we have never gone down the whole WWF isle. I avoid it like the plauge bc I just don’t want to go there but now.. seriously people..OhI know its so Harley can get in on the action.. just Yuck

  7. Holy plastic mongo boobies, Batman!

    Where were these when I was a kid?! I could have skipped rummaging through my dad’s porno drawer . . .

  8. they are basically marketing porn to little boys! so outrageous.

  9. And this is for children that we’re supposed to be teaching the concept that women AREN’T objects?!

    I don’t know what worries me more…the huge bazungas or the very manly faces on top of them! EWWWWW.

    I’m freaked out by the whole situation!

  10. goooooood girl says:

    your blog is very fine……

  11. ComfyMom~Stacey says:


    I’m speechless beyond that.

  12. Ron Davison says:

    I have to think that some of these products are designed by those guys who sat in the back of class, always smelling a little bit like a rock concert. I suspect that they come up with these absurd ideas and then throw them out into the market to see what sticks.
    It looks like it might make a good product for a teething 8 month old, though.

  13. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Where’s the good taste gone? Toy manufacturers must be the same people who give ratings to “family” tv! 🙁

  14. Threeboys1mommy says:

    Oh my… I think they could be appropriate for the younger babies… help them wean towards the bottle instead.

  15. OMG they look like transvestite hookers!

  16. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    What the hell?!

  17. Holy jeez! That is the epitome of tacky.

  18. Um…I think the Bratz dolls can now enter the convent guilt free.

  19. Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING says:

    I have seen these at the store recently. Luckily, they are directly across from the star wars section and my boys don’t notice them. My boys don’t take their eyes off star wars.


  20. the planet of janet says:

    careful where you point those. someone could lose an eye!

  21. Lisa@verybusymomwith4 says:

    I guess you know since it was only a few years since they nursed, they thought the big boobs would be comforting in the face of all that ruthlessness 😉

    It was great seeing you today–you really look awesome! Maybe I should try the brunette thing….

  22. It’s a good thing you zoomed in, otherwise we might have missed your point. 😉

  23. Headless Mom says:


  24. Elizabeth says:

    O.M.Goodness. Thankfully, my girls call Bratz “ugly dolls”…These are arguably….much. worse.

    Blessings on the rest of your Christmas shopping. Oh, and thanks for taking your camera (phone?) to the store with you!

  25. Holly at Tropic of Mom says:

    Ugh. And besides, they look so ugly.

  26. Paisley Raven says:

    OK..I'm very dude-like in my bisexual-ness. I mean. I'm not a butch type but a lotta the guys I know LOVE hanging with me. I always get the awesome eye candy & I can openly admire a cutie w/o getting arrested..most of the time…Anyway..
    Now that I'm done being *male*..holy crap. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't put boobs that big on a chick!
    I'm so glad none of our kids is interested in that WWE BS…
    We watch MMA *mwhahahaha*

  27. Miss Blondie says:

    My son asked for wrestling men for Xmas and i wouldn’t buy any of the ones that had those women in it! I couldn’t believe they looked like that! And whats worse, is they look like that on the shows too. Thank God my son doesn’t watch it…yet!!!

  28. AMomTwoBoys says:

    OMG. Dylan (not quite 4) was just sitting with me and was all “Mommy, what’s in her tummy?” and I was like, “What? Who’s tummy?” and he was all “HER tummy” and pointed to the blonde’s enormous breasts.

    NICE. I never thought I’d have to censor June Cleaver Nirvana. :0)

  29. amelia bedelia says:

    i wonder if their tits are real?

  30. Mommy Cracked says:

    Ewwwww. I cannot believe they think this is appropriate for kids.

  31. Unbelievable! That is amazing! The fact that you had your camera and were taking pictures of these dolls in public is probably more amazing! 🙂 hee hee Did anyone ask any funny questions or just give you dirty looks?!! Gives new meaning to “take a picture.” (I know you’re laughing with me!)

  32. To put on my “grateful list”: that my 11 and 13 year olds are into LEGOs, not top-heavy barbies with aggression issues.

  33. Manic Mommy says:

    Is it just me or does the first one look like Jennifer Aniston?

    At least now girls can stop feeling inferior for not looking like Barbie and start feeling superior for not looking like WWE Ho’s.

  34. ewww. those are worse than bratz!!

    ps love your blog!

  35. mommeeof9 says:

    My boys wouldn’t notice them, as they aren’t pc games or legos.

  36. Years ago, DH and I collected and sold baseball cards, action figures, autographs, etc. We had ventured into non-sports action figures such as Spawn and Star Trek at one point.

    When the action figures for the Star Trek Generations movie came out, there were two sisters (Lursa and B’etor) wearing more than those WWE women, but it was a huge deal back then (approx 1994). If I recall correctly, they pulled them from the shelves.

    Google “Generations Lursa Action Figure” to see what was considered naughty back in 1994. 🙂

    Thank you, Holly, for once again making me feel old.

  37. Well, thank God my son’s only seven…. Whoa.

  38. Celia Pleete says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA Oh my god I think I’m going to die laughing. What the hell kind of doll IS that??? HAHAAHA

  39. Momo Fali says:

    I can NOT believe they put those exact likenesses of me on the shelves. I totally deserve a percentage of that profit.

  40. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    “Thanks, June Cleaver Nirvana! I now know what to get those hard-to-buy-for people on my list!”

    Seriously – I think the brother-in-law is getting one. Heh…

  41. Yuck.ee.

    I think I will walk my 12 year old near these and see how embarrassed he gets. Just a little more quality family time.

  42. Well, you can always compare to the live ones :

    For some reason I miss the corniness of WWF back in the Hulk Hogan days. The biggest drama there was who Elizabeth would end up with.

  43. The Blue Ridge Gal says:

    What company makes these UGLY things? Maybe we just all need to avoid buying their junk, because that’s what it is anyway.

  44. Burgh Baby says:

    Dude, I know just who to buy those for. Rock on!

  45. Is it me or did those boobs get bigger with every picture?! Wish mine did that.

  46. Elaine A. says:

    Classic Wally World.

    And…. just yuck.

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