A monster party is the perfect theme for a get together this time of year.  If you’re hosting a birthday party, a Halloween party, or just looking for a reason to bring the kids together, this is a great way to do it!  This incorporates cute, non-scary monsters and all of these are things you can make yourself! Today our best blog feature, Triple T Mum, is letting us share with you her creative ideas for a monster party.  If you missed her interview this morning, you should go take a look.

How To Host An Awesome Monster Party

How To Host An Awesome Monster Party

Cake  – No need to hire a professional cake baker for this great monster cake!  You can make one all on your own with these instructions. Cupcakes  – If you’d rather have cupcakes, here is how to ice them to look just like a monster!  All this requires is icing and chocolate buttons for the eyes. Food  – Lots of great ideas for party food like monster sandwiches, monster “fingers”, monster “teeth”, “eyeballs” and so much more! Decorations  – Here is a fantastic list of decor ideas including several links to free printables and how-to instructions. Activities  – So many fun activities are listed here like, pin the eye on the monster, making playdough monsters and coloring.  Thank you Amie from Triple T Mum for sharing all of these great party ideas!

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