Our two year olds have recently become obsessed with labeling everything. They want to know it's name, it's color and be told over and over again a fact about whatever it's is. When they are done with their questions, I can hear them muttering my answers back to themselves. Kneebouncers  (our sponsor) is a collection of games for kids in this stage of life – the kiddos are grateful to have discovered them.

Homeschool preschool with kneebouncers

The Kneebouncer games are slow paced and intuitively teaches the kids to work on the hand-eye coordination and tracking skills that are necessary in order to manipulate a mouse or touch screen. We have a copy both on our computer and on the ipad. Both have been played and enjoyed by my two, two year olds.

Games to help homeschool preschool

Our son loves the control and feeling big from playing on the ipad/computer. I have been using the time we play together on one of the 40 games in Kneebouncers as a platform or topic to talk about while we are homeschooling preschool. In the color section, there is a wheel and the kids can spin to pick a new color. As it spins we talk about the color he hopes to land on, then as it lands we identify the color together and point to an item on the screen with that color. In addition to color games, Kneebouncers teaches shapes, numbers, animals, even sight words!

Homeschooling your preschooler with educational computer games

In addition to our conversations as we homeschooled with Kneebouncers, we also had fun afterwards re-enacting the games we just played with coloring pages!

Play with Purpose

  • In the game, Sea of Color, as you see the fish swim by talk about their colors. Are they swimming to the left or to the right? Which color of fish came first? Which colored fish came last?
  • While playing Dino Parade, ask your child to identify the correct color that the game requests. Ask them is it before or behind the Orange dino (or whatever colors of dinos happen to be on the screen)?Talk about the types of dinos that you see. Are these short or tall dinosaurs? Do they have long tails?
  • Try to catch Ice Cream and ask: Do you see icecream falling? What flavor of icecream do you think that is? Discuss up and down. Are the scoops of icecream falling up?? Count the number of scoops your child is able to catch together.

After playing the games online, we had fun re-enacting the games we just played with coloring pages!   Kneebouncers has roughly 80 coloring pages that match the games and activities that your kids are playing.   After coloring in our Dinos we played “Find the dino” and staged our own dinosaur parade.

Preschool game for kids:  Hunting for paper dinosaurs

Watch for other fun letter activities by following the #KneeBouncersPlay hashtag, following KneeBouncers on FB, Twitter as @KneeBouncers  and Pinterest.

This post is sponsored by  KneeBouncers, who believe in playing with purpose! Visit  KneeBouncers.com  for a multitude of fun games that will help your child get ready for preschool and be sure to try their new Great Play with Purpose iPad App! 45 funtabulous games that support preschool readiness and learning. Available NOW on  iTunes  and coming soon for Android.  All opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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  1. Wow, with all of the fantastic activities for my preschooler you have shared its no wonder I haven’t had time to do a blog post recently!!! I have been too busy creating activities surrounding your prints, games, and useful links you’ve all shared here with us, for my LO !! Thank you and I look forward to taking the time out to share as to send you much deserved traffic to your site ;D