Fingerless Gloves Pattern for Kids

With the cool air coming in and the mornings just a bit chilly when the kids are out and about going to school, having a pair of fingerless gloves is ‘handy’.  They don’t take up a lot of space, {can easily be stuffed into pockets}, they leave fingers open so they can zip coats, find rocks, write in classe or whatever as they go about thier day.

Making a fingerless gloves pattern is super easy.  Doesn’t take much- except having them sit still just long enough to trace their hands.

make a fingerless gloves pattern for kids

Make Fingerless Gloves!

Materials needed:

  • paper/pencil
  • fleece –pick up a remnant at the fabric store.  Doesn’t take much to make these

fingerless glove pattern trace, cut, sew

Steps to make your fingerless gloves:

1)  Trace hand on paper- make any adjustments for length around the fingers and how far to go on the wrist.  Make them spread their thumb out just a bit so you can draw the curve.

2)  Cut out on the drawn line

3)  Pin paper template on fabric- make sure the stretch of the fleece is going side to side {or from the thumb to the pinky}

4)  Sew the two sides just past the paper

5)  Turn right sides out and try on

Making these is a lot of fun, and if your kids have friends that are about the same size, make a few more to have on hand for little presents.


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