and then we lost to some girls

Last night there was a war.

It crossed state lines and pitted Texan against Californian.

Mommy blogger vs. mommy blogger.

The battle ground was Wii’s Mario Sports Mix…basketball, hockey and dodge ball.

I wanted to be competitive so I chose my partner carefully.   I chose Ryan(9).   I knew his hours of video game training would help overcome my freakishly poor skills.

We were paired with Kimberly from Tippy Toes and Tantrums.   She also chose carefully.   Her partner was her 8 year old daughter, Clover.

We were to play the four games of Mario Sports Mix.   The winning team would have bragging rights and would win fancy personalized Mario Sports Mix Jerseys.

The stakes were HIGH!

wii waiting for player to join

The people over at Wii sent me a copy of the Mario Sports Mix.   My boys went CRAZY for it and were soon showing me how to play.

We had a day to practice before we entered our competition’s friend code and waited for the Tippy Toe girls to join the game.

wii Mario Sport Mix select a game

Ryan and I had practiced on all the games.   We really felt like our strength was in the dodge ball and hockey games.   I like that you don’t have to play as a Mario character on this game.   You can play as your own Mii. Ryan likes to play as Bowser so our team kinda looks like beauty and the beast.

Yes, my Mii might resemble Belle a little more than Holly.

We played our first game, basketball, and the Tippy Toe girls dominated.

That’s OK, basketball isn’t our best game.

We played our second game, hockey, and the Tippy Toe girls dominated.


We played our third game, dodge ball, and the Tippy Toe girls dominated.


We didn’t even have to play the fourth game because we had ALREADY LOST THREE!

I felt like I had let Ryan down because he was doing most of the playing and I kept searching for where I was on the screen.

A few minutes after we played, I received this tweet after begging for a re-match:

nintendoenthused tweet

It really appears that 9 year old Ryan played 8 year old Clover while their moms screamed for direction.

Disclosure:   I am a Wii Ambassador and received the Mario Sports Mix game for no charge.   They also sent some sweat bands and socks to help our video game performance.   They probably should have also included some magic beads which was the only thing that could have enhanced our performance.   The opinions I have expressed are my own and my kids.   Thanks Wii!


  1. LMAO!! I’m dying to try this game. I love all things Mario. I’m an unofficial #NintendoEnthused ambassador, because no one will make me an official one!!

    Sorry ya’ll lost, but it sounds like it was fun!

  2. I am TERRIBLE at the wii ames; but this sounds like fun. How long have you had that pajama jean ad up? SO funny. I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it before!

  3. It was really fun despite my lack of mad wii skillz too!

    The pajama jeans ads are funding my kids college education…seriously!

  4. it was! how are you??

  5. Ha! This is hilarious! My thumb has finally healed. Clover’s first comment was the she really wished it was a multi-team tournament. I’m just happy we squeaked by. Of course now I need to take her to Disneyland, buy her a new bike, and let her eat ice cream for dinner.

  6. Sounds like a fun night. Hopefully the mum’s can work out where they are a bit quicker next time and give the kids some support 😉 I haven’t yet played this game but have a Wii so will keep an eye out for it, sounds like a winner.

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