Parent Advocates for Argyle Schools

There's a new web site in Argyle.   It's called Parent Advocates for Argyle Schools.   It's run by parents, for parents.   It's mission is to inform.

The site offers resources [many great sites to keep your kids learning this summer!], tips, advice, and pertinent links to help parents navigate through the Argyle ISD educational system [though the majority of the site's content is applicable to any school district or system!].   As renaissance philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said, Knowledge is power .   The site is run by two educators: a principal, and a former middle/high school teacher.   They value and welcome community input  in making this site a valuable resource for our schools, so stop by, visit, pose a question, or leave a comment!

If you have a specific question, need help or an advocate, or simply need to voice a concern   or get advice in a safe environment, visit the  Ask An Educator Page and post your question.

Be sure to check back regularly as more and more links and topics will be added.   Current topics include:

Policy Topics:

¢ What is the role of the Board of Trustees?

¢ What is the Complaint/Grievance Process?

Argyle ISD Topics:

¢ How do Argyle schools rank compared to similar schools?

Learning and/or Teaching Topics:

¢ Inspired Teaching

¢ Discovery  Learning

¢ Dual Credit vs. AP

¢ Texting and Cheating in the Classroom

General Education and Hot Button Topics:

¢ Top Performing Public High Schools: Dallas Ranks with # 1 and # 2

¢ The Importance of Social Responsibility

¢ Service Learning vs. Community Service

Upcoming informational blog topics will include:

¢  How do you address an academic concern with your child's teacher?

¢  What are the TEKS and how do you know your children are being taught the TEKS throughout the school year?

¢  How are teachers and administrators evaluated?

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