I am always searching for ways to create a table centerpiece that does not impede dinner guests’ line of sight.

Holiday Table Centerpiece

Most decorations which are scaled large enough for a big dining room table are too tall to keep on the table during dinner.

This hanging holiday table centerpiece solves that problem!

Holiday Table Centerpiece

By hanging the decorations from the chandelier, it creates height without limiting table function.

This arrangement is created out of plastic Christmas ornaments hung with curling ribbon. I recommend leaving the ends of the ribbon uncut until you are satisfied with the ornament placement. It took me a little readjusting to make it feel balanced.

Last year I did a similar centerpiece using dainty glass Christmas balls hung by a clear thread. It turned out very pretty, but due to lack of coordination on my part several ornaments were broken.

I am a big fan of plastic…

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  1. I do the same thing over my table…then spend a good amount of time asking little hands “please don’t try to touch the ornaments and just eat your supper” for the next four weeks 🙂