Perhaps you need a gift for your own Mom who has everything.   Maybe you need to drop a hint for Hubby on what the kids can   make for you for a gift.   Do you have Mommy friends who you’d like to give a little something special to this year? Check out some of my favorite gifts you can create…gifts that would make Martha Stewart proud! Homemade jam can be tailored to anyone’s favorite flavor and it is surprisingly easy to make.   I have very fond memories of my Grandma’s pear preserves and I can’t wait to make some for myself! Dress up someone’s workspace with these adorable hand-decorated thumb tacks. Any tiny fabric scraps can be put to use and these truly are a one-of-a-kind gift! Here’s a great one for Grandma!   Have the kids come help you make these elegant handmade coasters. I bet if you look in your garage or ask around you can even find some unused tiles for your project so this would not cost much at all. For a bird lover, you can make these homemade hanging birdseed treats.     I’ve seen these in catalogs, but I refuse to pay $30 for three little circles of birdseed!   This is a gift I would make for my Grandma who loves, loves, loves watching the birds from her kitchen window. This is a little more spendy, but it’s certainly something comepletely customized and unique…and what’s more special than wearing something your child drew.   Totally Out Of Hand can take a drawing of your child’s and turn it into a pin, necklace, earrings, key chain, wall hanging, or anything else you can think of…made out of sterling silver or gold.   If my Husband (hint, hint) took one of my son’s drawings and turned it into a necklace charm for me, it would be beyond special! Use your photos and create a hillarious Family Photo Clock or magnets.   These use your own “head” photo but the bodies are illustrations from children’s books that you cut out and paste onto the clock face or magnetic paper.   I’ve made these for my family (magnets) and I’ve also made a set for a little friend’s birthday.   You can find the children’s books for cheap at garage sales or Half Price Books.   My favorite author/illustrator for this purpose was Tommy DePaola. Many of you put great effort into your blog, & it is such a beautiful piece of family history.     You can have your blog turned into a book!   Forward your loved ones the link if they need a big hint.   Like “Hey!   I’d love my Blog in book for for Mother’s Day!” 🙂   I hope maybe something new has jumped out at you here that’s a little out of the box.   Wishing all the BurbMom Mommy readers a Happy Mother’s Day! You can not miss with this Mother’s Day Finger Paint Art!

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