Malibu Holly Throws a Pokeno Party

I feel really lucky to be participating in a really fun local project – Girlfriend Getaway.

What is Girlfriend Getaway?

Thanks for asking!

It is 5 DFW bloggers in 5 Chevy Malibus for a month.

We are writing and making videos which can be seen on our individual blogs and on the Girlfriend Getaway site.

Each week they have given us a different field trip to accomplish with the help of our Malibu.

The mission this week was to go to Central Market and shop.

I know!   These are REALLY tough missions.   I don't know who thought up this kinda torture!

This really couldn't have come at a better time for me since I was scheduled to host my neighborhood pokeno party that evening.   So, I was off to Central Market to buy party food!

My closest Central Market is in Southlake.   I grabbed a girlfriend, Shelby, and hopped in the Malibu.

We went early because I am UNABLE to go to Central Market without stopping for lunch.

A girl has to have strength to shop.

Here is my story.

*just click on the photo to see the story via Whrrl*

More check-ins at Central Market
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The party turned out amazing. The food was GREAT ¦it really, really was.

I can't wait to return to Central Market for another lunch. One of my favorite things to do is once the weather is nice to meet several mommy friends in the play area and leisurely eat lunch-REAL FOOD-while the kids play on the playground. It could be renamed Mommy Heaven.

Please stop by and enter the super cool Girlfriend Getaway Contest where you can win a spa getaway for yourself and three of your closest girlfriends ¦click here and if ya don't mind, vote for me :)…please?


  1. Done!! 🙂

  2. Central Market is a weekly field trip for the phillips family. We love it! I only buy my tortillas at Central Market. Considering we live in texas and eat a LOT of tortillas, we can often be found roaming around that store.

    Also..a playground at the grocery store is BRILLIANT!

    I voted (again)!

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