Water on Wheels at Lowes in Garland


I was able to go to the PUR Water on Wheels truck tour today on it’s stop in Garland.

Here my story (just click on the photo to see the slide show):

More check-ins at Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse of Garland
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I was really excited to learn about the water pitcher cartridge system. Once the cartridges are in the pitcher (or in your faucet filter) YOU decide how much flavor to add to your water.

You can NOT click for flavor-free water, or you can click numerous times for EXTRA flavor.

I really think this will help my family drink more water because the flavors are very family-friendly: lemon, strawberry, grape and raspberry.

My favorites were lemon and grape.

The Water on Wheels Truck is heading to Atlanta next, but be sure to check out the Burb Mom PUR sponsored giveaway of a $400 Lowes card by clicking here.

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