Montgomery Gentry Concert Tickets

One of my favorite things about running this website is being able to offer great deals & giveaways to our readers! Today, I am excited to offer you this:

Montgomery Gentry is performing THIS Wednesday night in Dallas. We are able to giveaway 2 PAIRS of Priority Access tickets to 2 lucky Burb Mom readers. Here are the details:

Samsung at&t Summer Krush
Montgomery Gentry
[All Ages]

August 5, 2009
8:00 p.m.

Gilley’s – The Palladium Ballroom
1135 South Lamar Street
Dallas, Texas 75215

To Enter – Comment on this entry with how much you love Montgomery Gentry & why you should win.

The giveaway will be random but we would love for the tickets to go to a fan! I will draw TWO random winners from our comments tomorrow at 3PM and announce shortly after so you have adequate time to make babysitter plans! Speaking of that, can someone call my mother-in-law and let her know I need a sitter!


  1. OMG do you have any idea how badly I need a night out with my husband that doesn’t break the bank? I already spend a fortune on the sitter!!!

    Please, random number generator, PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Texan Mama…it may not be very random unless we get some more entries!! I know it is last minute people…get on the horn with those sitters!!

  3. Girl…you win. Since we had 1 entry and 2 sets of tickets to giveaway…you are it. I am going to do a quick email campaign to place this other set. Call me later on. Will email you my cell number!

  4. I should win because if I dont I’ll probably dream about them at night instead of my husband and then that is sort of like cheating, eh?

  5. Screweduptexan…you only think you are too late…in reality – you are just in time. Wanna go?? Will email you details!

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