LISDOLA–Lewisville ISD Outdoor Learning Area

Just down 121 business in the eastern part of Lewisville is tucked a little secret that should be shared. It is the Lewisville Independent School District Outdoor Learning Area.

I have been there several times in conjunction with home school and moms groups. The folks that run LISDOLA have expressed that they are going to extend programs to area families.

It was set up to teach children about the outdoors. There are several trails of various lengths of light hiking. The kids’ favorite trail is the “unnatural” trail which is a treasure hunt for things that don’t belong.

There is also an indoor classroom area, restrooms and a water pond area. If you go at the right time of year, the blackberries are yummy!

A map of LISDOLA’s location is here. Watch calendars for events held there or volunteer to go when your child’s class has the opportunity. It is well worth the very short trip.

My kids have always had a good time. It is the perfect place to expend energy!

Burb Moms who have written about an experience at LISDOLA:

June Cleaver Nirvana–pictures

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  1. So great to find this place!! I’m horrible about taking advantage of local gems. This one goes on the list. Em

  2. Kimberly Flynn says:

    Do you have the hours of operation and phone number for LISDOLA? Thank you.

  3. we love lisdola

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