Black Friday Freebies!

It used to be that we lined up to shop on Black Friday for the great deals. Now stores are giving away freebies to lure us in. And some of these freebies are better than some of the deals I have seen. Will this draw me to their store? Maybe! Here are a few Black Friday freebies. Thanks USA Today!

Digital Cameras “ Old Navy will hand out Kodak EasyShare digital cameras to anyone who spends $40 in merchandise. There is a limited number of cameras but it's a $100 free gift. Definitely worth getting up early for!

Snow Globes “ J.C. Penny is again handing out Disney snow globes. There are 1.9 million snow globes to be handed out nationwide.

Christmas Ornaments “ Sears has free Thomas Kinkade collectible ornaments to the first 200 shoppers who make a purchase.

Coupon Book “ Toys R Us will hand out a holiday savings coupon book with $500 in discounts to the first 100 customers.

Chocolate “ Michaels has free Godiva Chocolate bars for the first 100 customers

Coffee “ Seattle's Best is offering free coffee to anyone working on Black Friday. The first 100,000 who like  them on Facebook will be sent a free sample.

Movie Showings “ Best Buy will show Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 to people waiting in line at 123 of it's stores nationwide. It starts at 9 pm on giant screens in the parking lots. Yum you also get free popcorn and soda.

Skin Showings “ Abercrombie & Fitch will have it's shirtless male greeters at every store when they open at midnight. Sorry “ not an incentive for me to get out of bed early.

Here's more on Black Friday tips and store hours.

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