Plan for Black Friday

I have been hitting the stores EARLY, EARLY, EARLY for the last 9 years with my oldest child.

It all started when he was 18 months old.   He had always been a very early riser and I remember looking at him early that Friday after Thanksgiving and thinking…

Well, if we are both up with no hopes of going back to bed, we might as well be shopping.

And so we went.

Yep, I was the mom with the 18 month old baby at 5 am in the line at Wal-Mart.

Each year after that we have gone.

My now almost 11 year old son wouldn’t miss it.   It is our special time together once a year.   We shop for awhile and then stop and eat breakfast.

Black Friday shopping mapEach year I chart our path through the stores near our home based on their opening times.

This was the simplest way to do it several years ago.   Last year some stores started a trend of all night opening.

This year that trend is EVERYWHERE.

I am a little sad that we will be missing multiple store openings, but it does make the time you visit each store more flexible.

We will head out around 4.

Will we see you?

I will be on WFAA Channel 8 Daybreak tomorrow morning {Tuesday, November 22} chatting about my plan for Black Friday.   Please tune in!


  1. Thanks Cynthia, that was TOTALLY a typo! Thanks for catching it.

  2. HappyCampers says:

    We’re doing our first Black Friday this year!

  3. Amy @ Pounds4Pennies says:

    If my daughter liked to shop I would go. I usually don’t have anyone who is crazy enough to go with me, so I stay at home. I hate the crowds too. How is shopping @ 4:00? Is there usually a big crowd when it is that early?

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