The mail is always a good thing. For some reason my brain doesn’t translate that bills and crap come in the mail…I just emphasize the positive stuff that it brings.

A month or so ago it brought Shrek Forever After The Game DS version*. I was excited to find something fun in the mail, but it was Ryan, my nine year old who went crazy. He loves his DS and is very good at games which he seems to go through at a rapid pace.


He popped in the game and has been playing it for weeks.

The funny thing is that I don’t think my boys have even seen Shrek. So, without any background or character knowledge this game is still (in his words)…awesome.

In an interview attempt with him to find out what exactly he liked about the game he related a convoluted story about a big headed green witch and some interesting villians that had pumpkin heads and there seemed to be a lot of pumpkin throwing.   I guess those are all good things.

And now Ryan is as obsessed with the mail as I am…

*I received a complimentary version of Shrek Forever After the Game for the DS

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