How to Label Kid's Shirts

Last year my kids went to private school and their uniform was polo-style shirts in red, white, navy blue, or hunter green. I had 3 kids who could all wear these shirts and I was forever trying to figure out whose shirts were whose. Not that it really mattered, but I didn’t want one kid to end up hoarding all the shirts and another having to wear a dirty shirt two days in a row, simply because I couldn’t sort the shirts into the right piles.

Plus, I have noticed that one brand’s size “Medium” ends up being the same size as another brand’s “Extra Large”, so I can’t really go by sizes either. One size fits one child, maybe the same size fits another, and maybe a larger size fits the smallest child.

Anyway, I got on one of my favorite Mom sites, Mamasource and begged the other moms to give me some advice as to how I could label my kids’ shirts so I knew whose was whose. I didn’t want to use their initials, because as one outgrows a shirt I want to pass it along to the next one without having to scratch out an initial in permanent ink.

One mom gave me this advice: “Using either dots or small lines, mark your oldest child’s clothing with one line, next child with two lines, next with three, and so on. So, when you pass on the clothing to the next child, you can just add a line.”

That. Was. Brilliant. For some reason I feel so much smarter now. Not that it was my idea, but every time I fold clothes and I see those little lines, I smile and give myself a mental high five. This also works for my two boys who like to buy shirts that are exactly the same. Actually, my younger son likes to look like his older brother and it drives the older brother crazy, but that’s for another post…

Maybe you can benefit from my (borrowed) genius!

Texan Mama is a pregnant mom of 4 which means that soon she will be adding yet another line to her growing polo shirt collection.   She writes at Who Put Me In Charge Of These People?

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