Picking the right preschool for your child can be a stressful and complicated process. I have gone through the process about 6 times in my parenting history and every time was a pain.   So many questions: Are they going to love my kids like I love them? Will my kids learn anything? home_img01Brilliance Academy in Addison is focused on the five C's of your child’s development: Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character and Confidence. Brilliance goes above and beyond with your child's education by using curriculum based on a blend of three well known educators: Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori.   They offer a unique approach with teachers from various backgrounds, nationalities and ideas.   All teachers have degrees and are accredited (which is pretty unusual in a preschool). Two teachers have been at Brilliance Academy since the school opened in 1996, Ms. Maha and Ms. Ana. Teachers come here and stay so you get to know your teachers throughout your child's career at the academy. At Brilliance your children are taught how to handle real world situations as well as other languages such as Spanish and Sign Language. Extended care is also offered as a bonus to students, if needed. If you are currently looking for a preschool – we highly recommend considering Brilliance Academy. You can visit their website at BrillianceAcademy.com or


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