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Tonight I began packing my hospital bag, based on Emily's Great Big Hospital Bag Packing List and the list I found on I combined both and then narrowed them down based on what I thought I would need.

packing hospital bag

But then it occurred to me that the Internet Knows Things. So I ™m including my list below, and if there's anything I haven't listed that you think is vital, would you let me know?

Documents: Insurance info; hospital forms and birth plan (I do not really have much of a birth plan “ it kind of goes like this: I only want Roger in the room with me, and at the end of labor and delivery I ™d like to have a live baby. I ™d prefer to give birth vaginally, but if that doesn't work out, I don't mind. That is all.)

Clothing Items: 2 pairs of warm, nonskid socks; maternity bra/nursing pads; maternity clothes for going home; possibly a gown for labor/delivery; yoga pants and tops for recovery (Is this right? What did you wear after giving birth? Don't you have to stay in the hospital for 48-72 hours? Did you just hang out in a hospital gown the entire time?)

Toiletries: Lip balm, eyeglasses, makeup, headband or ponytail holder, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, face wash, lotion, lanolin nipple cream. (Truthfully, I will probably also bring my Bumble & Bumble hair powder, so that it looks like I washed my hair, when really I probably won't bother because do you know how much effort it takes to maintain my curls? I have to wash, condition, put in hair product, and then dry my hair with a diffuser. And then add MORE products. And that seems like a lot of work to me, especially when I ™ll have just finished pushing something roughly the size of a watermelon out of my very un-watermelon-sized lady bits. I ™m just sayin ™, though I suppose you never know. Maybe I ™ll be feeling very ambitious afterward.)

Miscellaneous: Sugar-free hard candy or lozenges; pen and paper; iPhone (doubles as alarm clock, address book, Internet addiction feeder, Twittering device and all-around good distraction, unless Roger is using his when CLEARLY he should be paying attention to ME) with charger; coins for vending machines; snacks; camera/memory card/charger; bath towel (people keep saying how tiiinnyyyyy hospital towels are); very light reading; iPod (if I can't be bothered to load music onto my phone by the time I deliver, though in this case I suppose I should consider getting speakers, too); tennis ball (for massaging, or throwing at the first person who eats around me during labor and delivery); pillow (because hospital pillows are baaaddddddd); sleeping mask (for pretending that I ™ll be able to sleep at all); baby scrapbook (for recording things like sweet, inked footprints); and thank you notes (again, in case I ™m feeling overly ambitious)

For Roger: Change of clothes; his own toiletries; mints or gum; his pillow and a warm blanket (for the frigid hospital room); snacks (that he is not allowed to eat in my vicinity)

For Baby: Receiving blankets; hat; car seat; going home outfit; extra baby outfit; socks. (Our hospital provides everything from blankets to nail files to diapers, so there isn't much we ™ll need for baby. I think. Though I ™ve never given birth before, so I guess I could be wrong about this. I probably should have paid more attention in my baby care class, but I was too distracted with learning how to swaddle. And give baths. And stop the CRYING.)

I ™m trying not to go overboard, but after looking over this list I think that I ™ve failed in the moderation department.

Jes’ hospital bag isn’t the only thing expanding these days…check out what’s been cooking at Chirky.


  1. Dude, are you bringing a camera? Yes, I know, I-phone. but you may want some higher quality photos of the newborn.

    Also, if you’re bringing your own undies (I sure hope you are), plan to bring the ugliest, nastiest pairs so that when you get home you can just throw them away. Don’t even bother washing them. Trust me. 4-time labor veteran speaking.

    You are so ambitious with the makeup! You go girl! It may be the last time you put any on for about 5 years.

    You WON’T need the light reading. Trust me. SLEEP. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Because the baby will sleep awesome at the hospital and the second you enter your doorway the baby will wake up and never go to sleep again. Except during the daytime.

    Good Luck! I’m sure it will go well!!!

  2. Ha! Love your comments, Texan Mama!
    I always take those pre-moistened face wipes (Olay makes a good one). They make you feel so refreshed, and you don’t even have to get out of bed.

  3. I just had a kid 5 months ago so this is fairly fresh in my mind. You won’t need a gown for delivery – they provide you with one as soon as you check in. Wear that until you take a shower and yes, you’ll want to shower. All of that sweating will make you feel like crap. Don’t bother with real nursing bras. Get the sleeping nursing bras or a nursing cami (I love Glamormoms – they sell them @ Motherhood). You won’t need to bring anything to entertain yourself. We didn’t even turn the TV on the entire 5 days we were there. You also won’t need an alarm clock. You won’t get much sleep because the nurses and doctors are your alarm clock. Oh, just a tip – Be sure to order yourself enough food for two so that your husband will have something to eat too.

  4. I’ll meet you in the hallway of labor & delivery, Girlfriend, as I’m due any second with #3. Thanks for the list–I had an emergency c-section last time and went in wearing only my super huge orange terry cloth shorts and giant T-shirt. (Yes, they live in infanmy.)

  5. Audrey Phillips says:

    i love to care for my baby and i think baby care is a full time job

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