Hello Burb Mom readers. My name is Kim and I ™m the owner of Peekaboo Design Group.   We are a baby planning and nursery design firm. Our specialty is assisting couples in keeping boy or girl a surprise while we create the pink or blue nursery of their dreams. peek1 Wondering how it works? First, we sit down with the couple keeping the surprise and determine exactly what they want and need for boy and girl.   From this meeting, we assemble two nursery design boards ¦one girl, one boy.   The couple approves both boards and then takes our ˜no peeking ™ card to their sonogram.   It's addressed and stamped so the doctor's office just has to mark ˜boy ™ or ˜girl ™ and drop it in the mail to us.   Once we receive the card, the work begins.   We gather everything that the couple will need for their gender specific room.   About 4-6 weeks before baby we assemble the room, cover it and lock it up tight until they bring home baby! Still baffled? You are going to see the process in action! I am super excited to announce that we are going to follow a couple through the entire process in a series of Burb Mom articles. Who is the lucky couple? Meet John & Kaysie. John and Kaysie of Project Baby Surprise They are the very first couple to be featured in BurbMom.net's Project Baby Surprise.       They are expecting their third child in September.   Burb Mom is going to follow Kaysie & John through the entire experience:
  • Follow along as they choose their nursery designs
  • Watch as they take the ˜No Peeking ™ card to their sonogram
  • Peek in when they announce to their family and friends it's a boy or it's a girl. –   They ™ve got a grand plan in store for family and friends!
  • See them as they bring home baby and…*drumroll please*
  • Observe the unveiling of the complete nursery for the very first time.
Along the way, you ™ll meet my planning partner, Renee, and learn about some really cool things going in the baby planning realm.   Ever heard of a Daddy's Dudes Day? You will.   And, it is awesome. We will also be showing you some behind the scenes moments that only Burb Mom can show you. Tune in next week when we will talk to Kaycie and find out how the story began – Project Baby Surprise:   First Comes Love…

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  1. Awww! We look so in love! Careful… that’s what started this whole “baby surprise” in the first place!