Change in the weather…

The cliff-hanging ending was resolved with a 3:30 doctors appt. for mom and 3 boys. First grader went to school, mom and other two spent a “restful” day and then we all went to the appt. The boys were fine. The doctor commented he had never seen such happy and active sick people. I, on the other hand, was not well–maybe I was just projecting my sickness onto them in search of sympathy!

All is better today and hopefully by tomorrow my head will be defrosted. Meanwhile, in the real world, we did get a cold front (by Texas standards) and are currently playing in the backyard at a “cold” 64 degrees (although still in shorts, but with mostly LONG sleeve T-shirts). I did just say no when the request for the hose and buckets of water were made–after all it is winter!

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