Revision in Bedtime Policy

Bedtime has been family time.

Boys in PJs on couch

Soon after Reid(6) transferred out of his crib, he climbed into bed with Ryan(8).

Soon after Rhett(3) transferred out of his crib, he climbed into bed with Reid and Ryan.

Soon after three boys started sleeping in ONE twin size bed, it was obvious that this plan was NOT conducive to sleep.

The plan was altered to include the mattress from Rhett's crib next to the bed where the older boys slept.   Three boys.   Two beds.   One room.   No respect was given to the perfectly good EMPTY bedroom where a bunk bed remained vacant.

For the most part, bedtime went smoothly.   There were evenings where warnings were given.

There were evenings where warnings turned into threats.

There were evenings where threats turned into separation.


These were the evenings of intense sobbing, because what kind of cruel mother doesn't let her boys sleep on top of each other like puppies?

The other issue that emerged was growth.   It appears that the boys are growing.   It appears when boys grow they take up more space.   The twin bed was getting a bit crowded with arms and legs and the occasional misplaced light saber.

All good things have to end.

I finally decided that the boys should have their OWN mattress “ spread across TWO rooms.   Three boys.   Three beds.   Two rooms.   It was not a popular decision.   The only one who seemed excited was the youngest who was being promoted to a big boy bed.

A few nights went by.   Everyone was able to sleep.   Everyone had space to turn over in their own bed.   Bedtime even seemed ¦peaceful?

And then out of no where in the middle of the day, Reid said, Mom, are we going to have to ALWAYS sleep in our own bed?   Because this isn't really working for me. 


  1. Oh, I love that. “This isn’t really working for me.”

    I used to share a bunk with my younger sister, but we never went to bed quietly and there was lots of laughter and fooling around and falling off the top bunk bc the person on the bottom was pushing the mattress up fast and hard from underneath with her feet…..*blush….giggle*

    So my parents solved that by moving me into my oldest sister’s room. She stayed up really l ate at night to type papers. I could not sleep in that bedroom but I didn’t have the sense to tell my mom “This isn’t really working for me.”

    I’m scarred for life now.

  2. We are moving to a new house in two weeks and the boys will go from sharing a room (bunk beds) to each having his VERY OWN ROOM. They are both very excited. The rest of the family is placing bets on who cracks first and when. I’m guessing we’ll have one bedroom and one Lego room by Easter at the absolute latest.

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