How To Get Your Child To Enjoy Cleaning The Floors


So I got a Swivel Sweeper for Christmas and can I just say that I love this thing. It swivels on a dime. It sweeps my kitchen tile and even gets right up to the baseboards. No more running around with a separate broom and dustpan sweeping up crumbs.

But the BEST selling feature of this little jewel is that it is light enough for a preschooler to use.   The Swivel Sweeper  rotates and rolls with virtually no effort whatsoever and it weighs next to nothing.

So there you go. The perfect “toy”, if I should say so myself. Of course, he’s afraid of the noise so we are working on actually turning it on while he’s “playing” with it. But I have my hopes up.


I create fun and colorful flashcards for children. When you do that long enough, you begin to see the world as a series of flashcards. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are warm and fuzzy. Sometimes they are mildly innappropriate.

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