Can I just put it out there that you should only have to say this statement ONCE? Not twice, not three times, and definitely not daily….

This dog will be the death of me.

Girl and Dog

Let me preface all of this with a quick explantion:
1. Our A/C is currently out of service so we are keeping the windows open for most of the day (That being said, we do not just leave them flappin’ open when the house is not occupied – for all of the crazies out there)
2. And the screens on our Upstairs Front Windows are off for repair right now (I think…they could very well be off forever for all I know)

This dog of ours has let herself onto the roof EVERY SINGLE day for the past 2 weeks or so. At least once a day. I have neighbors knocking on the front door to tell me this. Yelling down the street to tell me this. The first time – I shrieked in horror and ran up to get her. Probably did the same thing the second time. Now, I just walk out front – take a look at her up on the roof – yell at her a bit – and come back inside.

She’s a freak.

And making us a bit of a spectacle in the neighborhood. Please tell me that other people’s dogs embarrass them like this. Please. Please???

When Shauna is explaining to the neighbors why her dog is on the roof, she hangs out here at Burb Mom and blogs at Blah Blah Blog.


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