Pacifier Drama – Episode II

Have I mentioned that Rhett (2) is a bit of a ham? I have no idea where he got that characteristic. He pretty much lives his life like he is on RhettTV. Which, while entertaining, has its drawbacks as in the never ending saga of his pacifier issues.
In the last pacifier episode, my husband was taking care of the boys. Rhett managed to land pee, poop and binky in the potty. The pacifier was fished out and hermetically sealed for my return…

RhettTV must have overheard how hysterical I found the daddy/binky/toilet story. Based on this audience response, RhettTV decided (as many shows do) that a sequel was essential to future ratings.

This time I took RhettTV to the potty in a PUBLIC RESTROOM. He sat down, peed and then yelled to me, “MOM!”

I looked over.

He smiled wide and deliberate.

And in slow motion as if professionally choreographed

he released the binky from that smile,

*close up* it started rotating end over end,




maneuvered between his legs to an audible…


RhettTV maintained twinkling eye contact the entire time.

And just before the credits rolled he stated triumphantly:

“My B fell down theeeerrrrreeee again!”

*laugh track*

*fade to black*

What RhettTV did not write into the script was that this mommy is absolutely NOT willing to clean anything dropped into a PUBLIC toilet.

The parent network is reviewing RhettTV’s contract. RhettTV’s binky episode reviews have included phrases like “over the top”, “viewer backlash” and “jumping the shark”. The parent network has already canceled upcoming binky episodes which has put the future of RhettTV in limbo.

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