Brotherhood Against Girls

For some reason, probably do to lack of distractions, the minivan has become the place for conversation. The boys feel free to express opinions and pelt me with questions whenever we are in the car.

Often they carry on conversations between themselves and when I try to interject something it is met with a trio of “MOM! We are talking!” It is super cute and I might admit to tormenting them just a little because they deserve it.

They have been a little obsessed with the whole boy-girl thing. We have had discussions about why girls don’t spend the night at our house. We have had further discussions as to what girls have exemptions from this rule, i.e. cousins, mommies, grandmas, aunts, babysitters, etc. And even further discussions revolving around what happens in families that have SISTERS.

SISTERS has been a hot topic in the van with many questions revolving around who has sisters, what sisters are like and how weird it would be to have one. The boys are in the ewww-y girl stage so usually this conversation degrades into one of them calling the other one a girl and defensive screaming ensues in stereo.

Reid (5): Mommy, can a boy have a sister?

Me: Of course, many families have both brothers and sisters.

Can a boy marry his sister?

No honey, brothers and sisters can’t marry.

Why not?

It is complicated, but it is better to find a wife you are not related to…

Ryan (7), interrupting: It is because they are from the same family and have the same germs.

They have the same germs. I don’t know why I interject my opinion. They figure these things out pretty well on their own.

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  1. I also have 3 boys! Love these conversations! However, when they tell me they are going to marry me I am all too eager to agree that this will be fine (smile). They grow out of this opinion too soon.

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