Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

Cultural Academic Student Exchange (CASE) is seeking host families in the area for foreign exchange students who are expected to arrive in August.

Hosting an exchange student for a school year is potentially one of the most rewarding experiences that any family can have, and CASE Programs would like to introduce you to a very extraordinary person.

Families large and small are invited to offer their hospitality. Hosts provide room, board and a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an experience that has the power to change lives “ yours and your student's. A return exchange is not necessary. Host families can deduct $50 per month on income taxes. The students will have their own medical insurance and spending money.

Approximately 250 foreign exchange students are expected to be placed in the United States this year by CASE. The students range in age from 15 to 18 when they arrive. Students are coming from Asia, Europe, South America, Canada and Mexico.

The CASE organization promotes the belief that student exchange builds understanding, respect and good will between peoples of all nations.

In particular, CASE is looking for a host home for:

17721Natasha, a 16 year old female from Italy,who loves volleyball, music, and drawing


1765217 year old Juan from Ecuador who plays the drums and enjoys all sports “ especially soccer

CASE, which is a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization, encourages students to perform volunteer work during the time they are living in the United States. The students earn points for volunteer hours in order to earn prizes, such as gift certificates.

For more information on these students or students from another country, contact Emily at CASE at 1 (254) 534-2897 or

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