With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we get harried in preparations. Find the perfect turkey at Kroger. Pick up the ingredients for the family’s favorite green bean casserole. Fix all those little things around the house before company comes into town.

Oh, and don’t forget that whole “thankful” thing. We live in a society that is very me focused. Self-love and self-worth are promoted all around us. Yet, it is completely natural for me to love myself. If I stub my toe, I immediately do the poor poor pitiful me dance. Quite literally.

Showing gratitude is a little further away from our natural inclination. Giving thanks takes the focus off of me. I don't know about you “ but I like me. I want other people to like me. I probably spend more time during the holidays trying to figure out how to make others thankful for me than I do giving thanks to others.

2008 is going to be different for my family.

We are going to take a step out of our comfortable self-love environment and show some gratitude. We are going to count our blessings. It is so easy to be negative at the first sign of difficulty, but we will choose to concentrate on the things that we value most! A Generous Creator. Unwavering Family. Loving Friends. A shelter for when it gets hot and cold again every other day in November ¦And the list goes on ¦

What are you grateful for?

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