My kids want more candy. i want candy What? Yep, the kids believe they are under-candied. I prefer them un-sugared up. This is where the problem arises.   My goal of a peaceful home and their goal of gumdrops and lollipops collide in one word…NO. It is cruel and unusual to live here. I try to keep home candy-intake to minimum.   They are able to have a small dessert after a full meal, but sweets between meals or unfettered access is not allowed.*
*These are house rules.   If you want to take my kids to your house and fill ’em up with candy…go for it.   I will be over to pick them up after the sugar high wears off.
The other day Ryan(9) demanded to know why all his friends could have as much candy as they wanted, but he had to ask me first and I always say no.   I started to say that I was way meaner than his friends parents which is my usual response to these kinda things when Reid(7) jumped in to my rescue: Mommy just wants us to be healthy! He is totally my favorite child.   Well, he was totally my favorite child until later that day… We were in the car on the way home from random errand running.   The boys were anxious to get home to continue post-Christmas present Lego building.   Rhett(5) insisted that I drive really fast because Legos just don’t wait. I will drive as fast as I can, but the speed limit is 40 mph. Mommy, just go fast as the car will go. If I go that fast, then I will get a speeding ticket. Go so fast that the police can’t catch you. Then I will go to jail. Reid:   Mommy, we would miss you. Awww…that is sweet. But we WOULD be able to eat all the candy we want. mom saysCandy isn’t all I say no to around here: Mom says no to spelling lesson Mom says no to nicknames Mom says no to 4 year old’s wedding plans

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  1. I’m not big on the candy either. And what’s with the birthday parties with Pinatas??! Or, is that just California…

    Here’s hoping for a healthy candy-free year! Or, that the moms get all the candy. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Holly!

  2. I know what you mean. Its hard being the bad guy! And somehow we always have a mountain of candy around here. I have to drag my kids out of bed for school, but on the weekend they’re up at 4 am trying to sneak candy in the kitchen…

  3. We don’t do candy either but we do make cookies so those are available as a snack after school. Since we make them we know what is in them. Of course now that we have a child with a nut allergy everything has changed and everything she eats is something that has been prepared at home rather than store bought. It’s just easier that way.

  4. I really feel you on this one I live with my grandmother and she is constantly trying to feed my daughter hi fructose crap and canned food. SO frustrating since she is the ‘elder’

  5. Huh, I thought it was just me! Indy is allowed one small piece of candy after dinner (he ALWAYS eats well, so this isn’t an issue) and a piece or two on Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We put all of his candy from holidays into a candy bucket and each night he gets to choose a piece. He never complains though (sweet boy that he is). We were at the holiday bazaar a few months back and he was playing a game set up for kids. He won and the prize was a piece of candy. He came running up to where James Bond and I were standing, talking to a vendor and asked if he could eat it. I told him he could, and he popped it in his mouth and happily went back to the kids area. The vendor looked at me and asked how on earth I trained him to ask before he ate candy. It really never occurred to me. That’s just the house rule and he knows it. We’re so lucky that he actually goes by the rules. Han Solo (baby in the womb) will probably be a demon child who breaks all the rules and eats all the candy before I can get the word “no” formed in my brain. Sigh.

  6. My kids only get candy when they are well behaved while errand running, and I try to run as few errands as possible with them along.

    But they are great about dragging out the eating of Halloween candy. They finished up the last of it right before Xmas and they only started out with maybe 40 pieces each.

  7. So that’s not just me? The only upside for my kids is that on certain days (Halloween, Easter, Christmas) where they receive obscene amounts of candy, they are encouraged to eat as much as they can THAT DAY because they next day it’ll be gone. The sugar coma has usually worn off by then.

    MY boys worry about my speed constantly. Griffin reads me each and every speed limit sign and then checks the speedometer to make sure I’m abiding. He may get moved to the back of the van soon….