T-Hee Greetings Blogger Party

Tonight was super fun.   I was able to hang out with over 50 DFW Bloggers at a cool Dallas shop, T-Hee.

t-hee blogger event dallas

There was a lot of hugging and giggling and blog chat.

We were challenged to find our 5 favorite things.

That seems simple enough until you start to look around and find more and more favorites.

Please don’t make me choose!

t-hee greetings in Dallas, TXOK.   I am a girl up to a challenge…so here it goes.

vera bradley laundry bag5.   Vera Bradley Laundry Bag – Everyone needs their laundry to look this pretty!

retro paper straws4.   Retro Paper Drinking Straws – These are so cool.   They feel just like the old-timey straws that I am WAY too young to remember…but I have heard stories.

eyeball bracelet3.   Eyeball Bracelet – Eyeballs have never been so colorful and chic!

bottle openers2.   Bottle Openers – Just look at them!   They are precious!   Who doesn’t need a whole set of these?

Vera Bradely earphone organizer1.  Vera Bradley Earphone Organizer and Carrier – OMG!   I can’t live without this for another day!   I didn’t even SEE these in the store.   They were in my goody bag and when I got home and saw the GENIUS that is this small and super functional zippered pocket, I immediately put it to use.   It is something that I will use daily.   What a great gift for anyone.

Thanks so much T-Hee!

T-Hee is located at 6465 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 314, Dallas, TX 75214.   LIKE their FB page.

If you were a blogger who attended the event, please leave the link for your FAVORITE 5 post in the comments below {giveaway eligibility!}


  1. it was really fun and the store is great! So many cool things! I was thinking ahead to all of the gifts I need to get over the next few months. Ditto on the Vera Bradley Earphone Organizer and Carrier. Brilliant!!

  2. Are those kids shoes up top with their names?
    Oh and I ? the bottle openers. This is my kind of store. Love.

  3. I wish I could have gone just for the earbud organizer/carrier. I need one of those!

  4. So cute! I could spend so much in this store just on things for myself but what a great place to look for gifts too.

  5. Yep, this is a very cute store chock full of very cute stuff. Totally *jealous* of your ear buds. I got a pen. Going back for the cupcake purse and the mommy sippy cup.

  6. DOH! I am so glad you explained what that Vera Bradley bag was. My husband and I stared at that little piece inside the bag for 10 minutes and could NOT figure out what it was for!

  7. I have to get there too Kristin! The Vera Bradley Earphone Organizer………. yes, brilliant… and I NEED ONE!

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