Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton

Sandy Lake Amusement ParkSandy Lake Amusement Park has been around since  the early 1970’s  and is a well-known place for family-friendly summer fun in the North Texas area.   Although it does have a more vintage feel to it, the park is well kept and maintained.   We recently  visited it  for the first time with some friends of ours and everyone had a great time.

She Is Dallas Info: Sandy Lake Amusement Park is located at 1800 Sandy Lake Road in Carrollton. General Admission: $2.00/person (3 years & under free). Tickets to be used for rides are 50 cents each and rides may take 3-5 tickets each. Miniature Golf and Paddle Boats: 5 Tickets each, Swimming Pool: $5.00 all day or 10 Tickets (3 years & under free).For more information, please call them at 972-242-7449 or visit the Sandy Lake Amusement Park website.

There are so many fun activities at Sandy Lake Amusement park that you should just plan to stay and play all day.  

We started with a train ride around the park. It was a good way to see all the  attractions available to us.  

We  spent most of our time on the rides.    The rides are mostly  classic  amusement park  rides such as Bumper Cars, Rock O Plane, Space Shuttle, Paratrooper, Scrambler, Spider, Tilt  A Whirl, and Zumur.   I remember most of these rides from when I was young.  

I always loved the Tilt A Whirl.

four boys on tilt o whirl amusement park carnival ride

There are plenty of rides for little kids too.   My 2 year old said the Merry Go Round was her favorite but I think the Kiddie Boat Ride was a close second.

little girl on merry go round

We were eventually able to pull the kids off the amusement rides long enough to check out the paddle boats.   It  looked so relaxing to just paddle around on the lake.    It was fun but I soon learned that it was  more of a workout than I was expecting.   mom and 2 boys in paddle boat

The miniature golf course was fun.   Some shots were straight on but others were more complex with extreme  hills or obstacles to manuever.little girl playing mini golf

My little girl kept dragging me back to the pony rides.   REAL ponies!   She loved it.   She talked sweetly to her pony and petted it gently.pony corral

The boys eventually made it back to the rides.  They insisted on riding this space ride. It was really a “little kid” ride and they were a bit too big for it but that didn’t stop them. They rode in separate cars and pretended to shoot at each other. These boys can have fun together no matter what they are doing.

boy on amusement park carnival ride

We brought our own picnic lunches but there is also a refreshment stand  available to pick up some hot dogs, pizza, and drinks.

Our boys were happy with our outing to Sandy Lake Amusement Park!


3 boys

I would like to come back again soon however, I realized how quickly the cost of all those tickets really adds up. It can get expensive really fast.


  1. My boys would love this!

    Thanks for always covering such fun and fantastic attractions here in the DFW area, Kim.

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