Weekend Trip to Houston and Kemah

While visiting Grandma and Paw Paw last week, we went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium  & the Kemah Boardwalk.  First we went to the Aquarium. I found a “Buy one All-Day Adventure Pass, get one free coupon online to the Aquarium–yeah, what a deal! Each pass includes unlimited access to Train Shark Voyage, Aquarium Adventure Exhibit, Ferris Wheel, Carousel & Lighthouse Dive.

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The Aquarium and amusements are centered around the Aquarium restaurant in downtown Houston. My kids wore their swimsuits and swim shirts, so that after seeing/doing all the attractions and amusement rides, they could cool off in the water fountains. (If you go, be CAREFUL the water fountain’s cement is very slippery!) We started out in the Aquarium Adventure exhibit which had a sunken shipwreck and lots of different sea life to see. My boys loved getting to touch the stingrays, baby sharks, crab and star fish in the open hands-on exhibit. Then at the end of the Aquarium, Adventure Exhibit there is a white tiger exhibit. We got there just in time to see them feed the tigers by placing raw meat all around their habitat for them to hunt and find, while a trainer talked about the tigers and answered questions.  

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After touring the exhibits, we sat down on the covered picnic benches and ate a picnic lunch that we brought. The parking is really close by, so it was easy to go back and forth to your car if needed.

Our favorite attraction was the train ride that takes you through the whole park and through the shark tank. It also has a fake shark that pops out of the little lake  at one point! The ferris wheel has great views of the Houston skyline. The carousel was very unique in that it had an aquatic theme with alligators, sharks, dolphins, and seahorses to ride on. The boys loved the Lighthouse Dive ride that takes you up and drops you down.

We had a great time and did everything leisurely in about 4 hours. The best part is it was only $35 for the 4 of us with the coupons!


The Kemah Boardwalk is 20 miles from downtown Houston and overlooks Galveston Bay. This place has a lot of meaning to my husband   and I because we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Landry’s restaurant’s ballroom that sits right on the bay there.


Kemah is a combination of great restaurants (including the Aquarium restaurant like in downtown Houston), great views of the bay, marina, dancing water fountains, and amusement park right at the water’s edge. The amusement park includes about 10 rides. You can  buy an all day pass for $16 per person, but I could not find any discounts! My 10 year old son loved the  new wooden roller coaster, while my 4 year old liked the Aviator airplane ride. They also have a train that takes you around the entire Boardwalk area. And a real speed boat thrill ride called the “Kemah Beast” that takes you into the Galveston Bay. My husband and I just love eating at one of the many restaurants with views of the channel where you can watch sailboats and shrimp boats go in and out.  It makes a nice day or afternoon/evening trip with the kids.

Kemah info: http://www.kemahboardwalk.com/flash_content/flash_content.html

Shutterfly pics to follow. Plus one stock photo from the internet of the Kemah Boardwalk area attached (www.visithoustontexas.com).


  1. Mr.Nguyen says:

    place great………

  2. delvin seymore says:

    its going to be fun when i go to kemah

  3. omqq kemah is like the best part ever to goo is awesome i love it i onlt went there once btt it was super kool !!

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