Black Friday in the ˜burb

I have lived in the ‘burb for 7 black Fridays. Each and every one has been celebrated in the same way. My oldest son and I go SHOPPING!

It all started because he wakes up early. I figured that since he was awake at ungodly hours, we should shop at ungodly hours.

It has become a family tradition. Ryan is now 8. He looks forward to it all year. He will tell others how every year he and his mom “get up in the middle of the night to go to the stores”. We shop then go out to breakfast. Most black Fridays we are back home before 9 am.

For us it is not about the actual purchases, it is about the event. I will pick up a door buster bargain if it is convenient, but if the line at the register is long we skip on to the next store.

This year we are doing all our early shopping in the ‘burb. I could have never guessed 5 years ago that we would have that many shops available in this area. What fun!

So, I have made this map. If you see us, please wave…

…and if you are hungry around 7:30 there are usually empty tables near us for breakfast.

The map is from our last year’s adventure. It is where you will likely find us this year as well. You may note that Wal-Mart is not on our list. We usually do the Wal-Mart overnight online specials instead of the zoo that Wal-Mart becomes on black Friday…remember, this is ALL ABOUT THE FUN.


  1. ok – it has been decided. My mom and I are totally hitting up Walmart at 5am tomorrow. **Will totally take the camera** I am getting a new computer – yay!!!! Anyhow – maybe we will meet you for breakfast at LaPeep!


  2. I am so torn….I LOVE the mob shopping crowd, but I can’t decide if it’s worth figting for a parking space!!!

  3. wow!!! would you belive me if I told you I’ve never shopped on black friday?

  4. THAT is insane. Really? How is that possible?! ha.

  5. Were you torn this year because Target opened at 5am as opposed to their normal Black Friday opening time of 6am? It threw me for me a loop and messed up my whole game plan.

    How fun that you and your son go together. My son is an early riser…perhaps he will be my Black Friday buddy next year!

  6. ha! That WAS a challenge…but we were in/out of WalMart by 5:10 and in Target by 5:15…it was shocking to make it to Target BEFORE we made it to Old Navy!

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