In all the hustle of getting two boys prepared for going to school, I have not forgotten the voice of my three year old.   OK, to be honest, his voice is loud and not easily forgotten. He has voiced his dread.   He is dreading his brothers going back to school.   He is dreading being the ONLY one stuck home with mom.   As the third child he has no concept of doing anything alone.   I am excited because I have some day trips planned over the next few months which will convince him that he is the LUCKY one.

There are so many fun things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and here are a few of my favorites to visit with toddlers and preschoolers:

1.   Dallas Arboretum – This will probably be one of our first outings because throughout the month of August admission is just $1 during the Arboretum’s Dollar Day promotion.   Dallas Arboretum Storybook Playhouses

There is plenty of shade throughout the gardens and little ones might want to wear their swim trunks because the frog fountain is too enticing to pass by.

Frog fountain at the Dallas Arboretum

2.   Forest Park Miniature Railroad – This short train ride has been a favorite of my boys for years.   It is located just outside the Fort Worth Zoo parking entrance and winds for 45 minutes through Forrest Park and across the Trinity River.   It makes one stop for popcorn and time to stretch little legs.   The ride length is perfect for toddlers.

Forest Park Miniature Rail Road

3.   Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park – The hands-on learning experiences at the Children’s Museum at MNS is so fun for the kids they don’t even notice the learning part.   There are dinosaurs, bubbles, a water table, dress-up, a “working” farm, ant tunnels, hot air balloons, and so much more.   It really is easy to spend the entire day.

Weather station at Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

4.   River Legacy Science Center and Park in Arlington – This is one of those places I am so glad that we found.   It is an incredible, FREE place to take kids.   It has a museum that has all sort of information about rivers and the animals that call rivers home.   The trails that around the center are short, well-kept and kid-friendly.   There is a HUGE park next door to the RLSC.

River Legacy Science Center pond lookout feature

5.   Texas Native Forest Boardwalk at The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens – I know that this doesn’t SOUND kid-friendly, but it is.   The boardwalk is a raised trail through the Texas forest.   Along the trail are learning stations that range in subject from bird calls to whether trees poop.   See, I told you it was kid-friendly.   It has amazing stroller-ability and is completely shaded.   If you cross the little road and follow the path to a stone gazebo, you will come to a fountain that is as close to kid heaven as we have found in the metroplex…

Fountain at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Do you think I will convince him that it isn’t so bad to be the one left behind?

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  1. Oh wow! They all look like heaps of fun! I wish we had that kin dof thing around here.. unfortunately I live too far out in the country to have much available for my little guy. 🙁

    1. It is one of the Storybook Playhouses – I think it is the one inspired by the book The Little Prince – at the Dallas Arboretum. I love the Arboretum because it is difficult to take a bad picture there!

  2. HOLLY! Thank you so much for this list of fun things to do, we have only done one of things listed! Being still relatively new to DFW, it helps to know what is tried and true fun! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  3. Um, dear friend, WHY do I not know about half of these? Dollar Days? The train? Number 4 in Arlington? HELLOOOOOOO! Thank you for posting this!!!!

  4. Heh, my kids in school are ALWAYS saying how it’s not fair that our youngest daughter gets to sleep in, watch TV, and have McDonalds while they have to be at school.

    The grass is always greener, I guess…