South Lakes Park and Eureka Playground in Denton

South Lakes Park is situated in South Denton. It is a large park of paved and pine bark trails, a pond, wooden play area, tennis courts, covered picnic areas and restrooms.

South lakes park in Denton sign

When I lived in Argyle, this was the closest park to my home. I spent many mornings here with my kid(s) and often a girlfriend and her kid(s). Eureka play area is cool. It’s wooden structures are castles, bridges, stairs, and benches connected to one another by climbing ropes and tire bridges.

Eureka Playground

There are some areas within the play area that are shaded and are pleasant even in the summer months.

Eureaka Playground inside

It is a very large park and better for kids that are independent with stairs and that you don’t have to have your eye on the entire time because there are spots where you will not be able to see them unless you are following right behind. This was my favorite part for smaller kids:

Eureka Playground for smaller kids

There is also a ton of swings.

Eureka Playground swings

The other really nice thing about South lakes is that there are wide, paved trails that easily accommodate a stroller (or even two side by side) for walks through the park.

South Lakes Park is at 501 Hobson in Denton, TX.


  1. We go to this park a lot. There is also a trail through a wooded area near the park, which is fun for kids who have grandparents that are into birding. 🙂

  2. Please be sure to read the warning sign posted at the entrance to the Eureka play structure. The wood leaches arsenic and the soil around the structure is also contaminated. The structure should be replaced with a non-toxic structure.

  3. does anyone know if any of the walking/jogging trails at South Lakes Park have ‘mile markers’?

  4. Kelly, the track around the lake has mile-markers every 1/8th mile. And the nature trail has a sign at the start stating how long it is. I believe it is 1/4 mile long but am now sure as I spend most of my time at the tennis courts.

  5. Went there for the first time on Sunday. We had so much fun!

  6. I went to this park last night and it was so much fun!! I’m a college student so it was a really nice break from school related things. I wish I could have gone during the day because then i could have seen everything that it had to offer instead of blindly climbing through the dark parts of the playground. I really enjoyed it!
    Apparently good for playing tag type games, a group of kids a bit younger than me were playing something where there was one zombie and they gave the others a few seconds to run and then chased them and as more living people were changed into zombies the living ones had more people to run from. It seemed fun.

  7. I have been there last year to go fishing with coach linda and we are going this year.This is my second time to South Lakes Park.I love it there they have freshwater fish and I love the playground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi, does anyone know how much it costs to rent a pavilion thing?

  9. what are the nature trails called, and where can i get a map of them?

  10. Does anyone know do they have the lights on till a certain time
    At night

  11. Seem large enough for a field day!!!! 😉

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