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I thought I knew everything there was to know about shopping at Walmart.

Seriously, I have practiced quite a bit!

Regular trips include piling my wide shopping cart high with things that my family needs {and wants}:

18 rolls of toilet paper, a shower curtain, the latest game for 3DS, a birthday card, 2 bags of carrot sticks, a humungous bottle of aspirin, 3 frozen pizzas, 2 boxes of cereal, a loaf of bread, soap, notebook paper, a flat of pansies, some fabric paint, motor oil, and the list goes on and on

and on.

Walmart Empowering Women Together

What I didn’t know is that Walmart now has an online boutique of handmade gifts created by women around the world.  Walmart has built this to help women, empower them, to build a better life for themselves and their families.

It is an online shop that is filled with over 200 unique handmade gifts:

  • Hand-crafted jewelry from Peru, Rwanda, Kenya and the United States
  • Home accessories from Rwanda and Haiti
  • Paper mache from Haiti
  • Apparel and accessories from Rwanda
  • iPad and laptop cases from Cambodia and Nepal
  • Coffee and tea sets sourced globally and made in the USA
  • Specialty foods made in US and Canada


You can see many of these absolutely lovely items on Walmart’s Pinterest Board.  So bright!  So colorful. Such compelling stories.

The stories are about women.  Women like me who were born in distant places {and not so distant places} into a different situation with less opportunity to affect change in their own life.

A story about two sisters in Rwanda who started a basket-weaving business under a village tree.

A story about women in Denver who have changed their life making food and jewelry.

A story about how Walmart made a 5-year commitment to source $20 billion from women-owned businesses around the world which includes Empowering Women Together.

Walmart Empowering Women Together

Each purchase I make lift and empower the women behind these products.  It creates new jobs.  It improves their lives.  It improves their families lives.

And I get a super cute iPhone case made out of felt decorated with a sweet felt flower!

Empowering Women Together logo

You can find out more about this amazing program {and fun shopping} by checking out Walmart’s Website, the Empowering Women Together page, the Empowering Women Together Video, Walmart’s FB page, following @Walmart on Twitter, the #empowerwomen hashtag  or checking out the Pinterest board.

I have partnered with Mom It Forward blogger network.  Walmart sponsored this post.  All opinions expressed are mine.
Thanks so much Walmart!

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