fear of paradise

We are staying home for Christmas.   It is always that way since blog-Stedman doesn’t usually get the day off let alone the weekend.

We make it work.

palm trees

We have been looking casually at places we could visit in the spring after the boys get out of school…



Lake Tahoe.

It has been a lot of dreaming and very little concrete planning.   I hadn’t even realized the boys had overheard any of our discussions until I was helping Rhett(5) with his bath the other night.

Mom, I am really scared.

Why are you scared?

I don’t want to go to Hawaii.

Why?   Hawaii is beautiful!

I don’t want to get stuck in lava from a volcano.

We would never travel where there was a dangerous volcano!

Are you sure?

Yes, we would be safe from volcanoes.

I am still afraid of Hawaii.


The men with axes.

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  1. there are men with axes in hawaii? I thought that was the pacific northwest? Seattle is scary to me. Because of the people with coffee.

  2. LOL. So precious! Getting stuck in lava…poor kiddo!

  3. When with axes?!? Where did that come from?

    Stuff like this my Kate picks up from cartoons. And if she sees it, then it’s FACT!

  4. You’ve been letting him watch your “Lost” boxed set, haven’t you?

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