5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Dallas Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade

Each year, my children eagerly look forward to kicking off the Holiday Season with style…at the Dallas Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade!  Marching through downtown Dallas this Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 10 am,  the parade is a fun family event that everyone should see at least once.

I know, I know – lots of excuses NOT to go – Don’t want to bother with the crowds? It’s too cold?  Don’t know where to park? I have too much to do to get ready for Christmas?  I’ve heard them all – throw them all out the window and make a plan to attend the parade this year.  Here’s why:

1. Closest you’ll get to Macy’s TG Parade without going to NYC! This parade is big y’all – with seven giant inflatable balloons, eight marching bands, and tons of celebrities that both you & your kids will love, we were overwhelmed with how awesome of a parade this is the first time we went.  It lasts over an hour and there are 3 performance plazas.

2. You’ll hear “OH WOW!!!” not “When are we going home?”  Kids of every age will be amazed at this parade.  It’s fun to watch the balloons start to spin as the handlers run in circles and try desperately to not get tangled.  Expect some major chills bumps as your little ones scream in delight as they see their favorite cartoon character – Bob the Builder riding in the ‘dozer was HUGE for my then-3 year old! The parade ends with Santa “coming to town” – the kids go nuts over that one!

3. Nothing puts you in the Holiday Spirit better! As the giant marching bands go by, playing your favorite Christmas tunes, you can’t help but sing along.  Our favorite is the Hardin-Simmons University Cowboy Band – they always bring a smile to your face! You leave the parade in such a great mood – the crowds don’t seem to bother you a bit – we all need that kind of cheer this time of year.

4. Who doesn’t need to spend more time with their family making special memories? We always pack a breakfast of mini donuts and hot cocoa (no one says it has to be healthy!), take lots of blankets and arrive early.  It is best to buy a ticket in the bleachers for a guaranteed seat, but there are plenty of places to sit on the street, as long as you arrive early.  There are typically clowns and street performers before the parade, so don’t worry about getting there too early.

5. A great way to give back to those in need! The Dallas Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade is presented by Pizza Hut to raise money for the Child LIfe department at Children’s. The Child Life department provides age-appropraite therapies to help children cope with their hospital stays. The parade is a great way to show your family how to give back while enjoying themselves in such a fun way.

As of this morning, tickets are still available for bleacher seats.  Hopefully these 5 reasons are enough to get you to the parade. Start a new family tradition and create some memories! See you there!


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