Two Thumbs Up for New “Dallas”!

I  may not be a “professional” TV critic but I do watch a lot of  TV.    And yes, I watched the original “Dallas” and now I live in Dallas  — so I have quite an interest in the new “Dallas” series on TNT.  As the promos started to air and the countdown began, I was very excited to see what the new producers did with a sequel to the very popular TV series.  And after the first two hours aired, I was giddy with excitement!  Yes, I have to admit once again, “Dallas” is now on my must-see list this summer!

Growing up, not a Friday night went by without catching up on the Ewings.  I was only 10 when the show started so I didn’t have anything else to do on Friday night anyway,  but once I started watching I was hooked.   I think “Dallas” may have been the first show that I did get hooked on.

This time around JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen are back in their respective roles, but it’s different.  They are older, wiser and more “together”.  I love that Sue Ellen seems to have it all-together and is possibly planning a run for Governor.  And Bobby seems stronger in his role as patriarch to the family –a lot like his father, but with the compassion of his mother, Miss Ellie.  But it wouldn’t be “Dallas” without JR.  And we all knew he would eventually snap out of his catatonic state.  I enjoyed the tenderness between JR and Bobby when they saw each other at the Cattle Baron’s Ball, but I don’t think anyone believes things will stay that rosy between the two (we kind of hope it doesn’t).

The “new”generation of Ewings also intrigues the “old” Dallas TV watcher.  John Ross is exactly what you think he would be.  Being neglected by his parents, he doesn’t have the compassion of his cousin, Christopher (Bobby and Pam’s adopted son).  By the way, where is Pam?  Only one mention of her and it didn’t reveal where she is, if she is alive or dead.  Anyway, John Ross is already proving to be a great villain with Christopher being the nice guy that we all love.  There are also two young women, Elena and Rebecca, that are vying for their love.  It sets up to be an interesting summer for all the Ewings.

In my opinion the main character is the city of Dallas and South Fork Ranch.  The show is shot beautifully in HD and it really highlights the best of North Texas.  And South Fork  looks immaculate.  I have been there many times and it’s looks incredible.  I love that the entire show is shot here in Dallas.  And I look forward to seeing some of their location shots.  I can’t forget to mention the genius of bringing back the original open, with newer shots of Dallas.  It gave me chills!

What can I say, I loved the first two episodes and I will watch every Wednesday.   I will also root for the cast to get another season and another.  I have met Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy before and they couldn’t be nicer and more genuine.  When you consider the level of fame they have achieved, it’s incredible to see how humble they are.  They are true Hollywood heroes in my opinion.

Good for you “Dallas”!  We are all rooting for you to succeed!

“Dallas” can be seen Wednesday’s at 8 pm on TNT.  

She is Dallas was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network.   We were not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.

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