Amusement Parks and Sports at Sci-Tech

amusement park science

My kids love going to Sci-Tech Discovery Center because all of the exhibits there are actually designed for kids to touch them and play with them!

I love Sci-Tech Discovery Center because the exhibits are always unique and educational.   My kids want to learn the scientific reason behind the fun activity they are doing just because it’s so “cool!”.   They don’t even realize that their little brains are learning the whole time they are here.

Sci-Tech currently has two awesome exhibits – Amusement Park Science and Team Up! Explore Science and Sports.   Both exhibits will be open through September 2, 2012.

She Is Dallas Info:   Sci-Tech Discovery Center is located at 8004 N. Dallas Pkwy., Frisco, TX 75034. Their hourse are Mondays, CLOSED, Tuesday “ Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm, Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm, Sunday, noon-6:00pm. Admission is $6.50, seniors (ages 60+) $5.00, and children under two are free. For more information, please call 972-546-3050 x100 or visit the Sci-Tech Discovery Center website.   You can also follow Sci-Tech Discovery Center on Facebook.

Amusement Park Science gives visitors an interactive look at the physics behind the fun at amusement parks with 12 hands-on exhibits.

Amusement park rides spin.   We learned all about spinning in this fun exhibit that involves spinning a wall of water to study centripetal force and parabolas.

water parabola

The boys had a great time building their own roller coaster with wooden track pieces.   They would run a car down the track to test their theories and then make adjustments to the track as needed to make the cars go faster or farther.

roller coaster blocks

The big hit was the hurricane simulator!   It does cost $2.00 but where else can you experience a rush of air at 78 mph?

hurricaine simulator

It was well worth it for giggles like this!

little girl in wind

The Team Up! Explore Science & Sports exhibit tests your child’s abilities in sports such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, soccer and even extreme sports like snowboarding.   Children can explore principles of geometry, physics, force and friction as they relate to their favorite sport.

little girl at sports game

My daughter really had fun in the “Locker Room” section where she got to dress up like various sports players.   Do you think hockey is her calling?

girl hockey player

Looking for a Swashbuckling Summer of Science?

  • Get  hands-on fun in Sci-Tech’s Discovery Camps, June 11th – August 13th.
  • Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare for a pirate invasion. Dress in pirate attire on Saturday, June 9th for free admission.
  • X Marks the Spot in the WOW Lab this summer. Join Sci-Tech for new activities each week.
  • All Hands on Deck for two exciting Science Saturday events on June 2nd and August 1st from 10:00am – noon.
  • Prepare the fleet! Create your own message in a bottle on June 23rd.

You can also check out the Upcoming Events page here to see other events that are right on the horizon!

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