Y chromosome

Y Chromosome

So here it is. I caught Munchkin on the toilet with his View Master.

It truly MUST be something in the Y chromosome that produces the insatiable need for entertainment while one is sitting on the pot. There were men in my family (I’m not mentioning names) who used to sit and read the Sears catalogue on the pot. I worked at a hedge fund in NYC where I witnessed many a men coming out of the bathroom with their thumbs flying across their Blackberry…because we know absolutely NOTHING can wait until you get back to your desk from your potty break.

I don’t know women who do this. I don’t take reading material or my phone to the bathroom with me. Who knows, maybe that’s just because I don’t have time. I rarely (if ever) get to even go in there by myself anymore, much less take 30 minutes to answer emails or pick out my spring wardrobe. Although, maybe if I had a View Master with some picture wheels of George Clooney or Hugh Jackman I could find the time.


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  1. oh I dunnnno lol I can’t go to the bathroom without twittering…

    Wow, did I just admit that on the internet? I bet no one will ever ask me to borrow my phone again!

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