This month in BabyTalk magazine there is a great article from William Sears MD where he shares 3 Ways to Spot an Ear Infection in your little one.ear infections

 Signs of an Ear Infection

Three signs that Dr. Sears shared were:
  1. Does your little one have a runny nose? Middle ear infections often come after a cold.
  2. Has your little one had recent sleepless nights? This is another red flag.
  3. Does your baby have watery, runny eyes? This is another sign of potential ear infection, especially after a cold.
As a mom of many I can say I have dealt with many, many ear infections. My oldest son had ear infections every 6-8 weeks from the time he started teething until he was about two and a half. We had tubes put in his ears when he was about two and a half. With my children, the sure signs of an ear infection were always; sudden high fever (most of the time it was a fever over 102 and came from no where), runny nose, and sudden loss of appetite. My kids never wanted to eat or drink much when they were little with ear infections. My kids often lost interest in being active once they came down with an ear infection as well.   What about you? What are the sure signs that your little one has an ear infection?
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