Perfect Family Getaway!

We have been looking for something that is close enough to Dallas that the drive would be manageable for a long-weekend getaway trip , but still be someplace different, enough of a drive to make it feel like we were on vacation .   Houston is only 3-4 hours drive away so we were thrilled   to discover the Lake Conroe KOA.   Just far enough away, and close enough to be convenient.     As a family, we enjoy camping but struggle with kids aged 5, 4, 3 & 18m when we tent camp.   It is just too many small bodies and not enough eyes to watch them “ we were thrilled that KOA hosted us for the weekend.

What I loved about staying at a KOA Cabin:

It rained ALL WEEKEND.   Life, we didn't plan to go camping during a torrential downpour ¦ but here's the perk, they have all the conveniences you need to survive being wet and still have a blast.   You can dry your clothes in a dryer, you can grill outside in one of their covered pavilions, you can even cook inside a cabing kitchen if you prefer.     Mr. Marty was kind enough to drive us in the go-cart from destinations so we weren't *as* waterlogged.

Activities we enjoyed at the campground:

Indoor heated pool with a water slide.   It was large and the kids had a blast.   They have lived at that pool!   My favorite there was the hot tub and chatting with other moms that were there, the community and the calm  of the tub   that moment was marvelous!

Fishing.   They stock the pond at the Lake Conroe KOA with MASSIVE fish, like the record breaking fish we see at the Cabella's near our house.   The type of fish you dream about catching (or you would if you are a 5 year old boy).   When the rain broke briefly we grabbed our poles and stepped out the front door of our cabin to the lake “ literally maybe 15 feet from our door.   I don't know how they do it, but I think these fish are trained to be caught.   In the maybe half-hour break from the rain we were able to catch 4 fish.   The moment of my kids catching their first fish  was priceless!

Feeding the ducks.   They waddled right up to my kids and became our best friends.     The ducks even let one of my children feed them from her hand!   It's a petting zoo of nature “ the kids were also able to catch a beautiful turtle.   If only we had more time to explore the other animals of nature that were there!

Other activities we wished we could have done (but alas it was raining buckets!):

Rode banana bikes “ these are fun looking low-to-the-ground bikes that are great on rough terrain.

Paddleboats.   You don't know how disappointed one of our boys was to find out that he couldn't ride in one.

Playground.   They had a sand pit my son enjoyed jumping and making puddles in, I bet he will enjoy going back and building sand castles there ¦ next time.

Local things to do in the area:

Sam Houston National Forest

Lake Conroe “ we would love to go back and take a paddleboat cruise dinner one year.

Cork This Winery “ we sampled some of their wine, yummy!

Huge Outlet Mall nearby

Antique malls

Kings Orchard “ a great place to go pick your own fruits/flowers.

Houston, Galveston & College Station are all an easy drive away.

Our kids would gladly move-in to the KOA of Lake Conroe, Montgomery, TX if we would let them!   Thanks KOA for the opportunity to enjoy your hospitality and for making what looked like a dreary weekend into a weekend full of fun and memories.

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