The word hero is used quite a bit ¦ sometimes too much. But there are real heroes in this world, military personnel fighting for our country, the man who saves a child in a sinking car, a fireman saving a family ¦.and so on. But what about the doctor who treats a pregnant woman who is carrying triplets and suffering some serious complications? Two doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas are certainly heroes in my book.

In fact, one of these doctors, Dr. Brian Rinehart, is among my personal heroes. He was my perinatologist when I was pregnant with my two children. It took me several years to get pregnant so I was getting up there in age. Then after suffering a miscarriage, I had two high-risk pregnancies. I visited Dr Rinehart several times and he put the worries of a very nervous mother-to-be to rest with his expertise and calm manner. He will never know how much that meant to me. And it's something I will never forget!

Dr. Rinehart was also involved in this case with the triplets. He along with Dr Ted Fogwell treated Dallas resident Kerry Shea. She was pregnant with triplets but had to undergo two complicated surgeries. Dr Fogwell first performed a cervical cerclage or cervical stitch when the cervix became weak. The condition can cause a miscarriage or severe prematurity. Because of the seriousness of this case, Dr Fogwell had to perform a Shirodkar cerclage, a thicker stitch to keep the cervix closed.

A few weeks later Kerry was suffering severe abdominal pain. Dr Rinehart's sonogram noticed the blood flow to one of her ovaries was cut off by the twisting of the ovary. To treat the condition, Dr Fogwell performed a laparoscopic procedure to remove the cyst and untwist the ovary. This risky procedure was done inside Kerry's abdomen. None of this was routine or easy.

Despite the complications, Kerry carried her triplets 35 weeks, a good milestone for any triplets. The babies were delivered via C-secton after Kerry showed signs of HELLP syndrome (a potentially life threatening condition). The babies were healthy at 4 pounds each. Kerry was also fine and had no side effects from the procedures nor the effects of early HELLP syndrome.

Baby Kiera, the last of the triplets went home in early January and is now reunited with her two brothers, Redmond and Sloan. Everyone is doing great.

Kerry: thanks for letting us share your story of these two heroes.
Dr. Fogwell, Dr. Rinehart: New moms are extremely happy to know you are there to help our dreams come true!

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