Tonight when I stopped by twitter, I noticed it was new.*

*It says all over the place it is NEW and it is arranged all differently so I am pretty observant to notice.

Because it took me about a million years to get used to the OLD twitter and I am technically a moron (I mean a tech moron), I was a little freaked out.**

**I don’t even use twitter platforms like TweetDeck or HootSuite even though they would totally make my life so much easier…someone would have to come over and set them up and neither has that as an option.

I looked around a bit and tried the new tab system that is on the new twitter home page, but it wasn’t making much sense so I sent out a few confused tweets and was rewarded with this screenshot from @BrandenWilliams proving that THE NEW TWITTER IS AWESOME:

new-twitter, Texasholly, Ashton KucherYep.

The new Twitter lists the following people similar to me (@Texasholly):

  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Daily Candy
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • LeVar Burton

It is like we are quintuplets separated at birth.


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  1. even though i’ve been using the new twitter for awhile i had to come here and find out about it. i am a bigger techmoron than you are. so there.

  2. OMG…twitter is amazing!! I mean, when I see you I AUTOMATICALLY think of Geordi LaForge and that stupid guy married to Demi Moore…it’s like they READ MY MIND!!


  3. I have new twitter, but it only lists ‘Who to Follow’ and not ‘Similar to….’
    I must be a one of a kind.

  4. Wait, that’s not the new web twitter! That’s the iPad twitter app! (but so cool that you were separated at birth with those people!) 🙂

  5. Lavar Burton! Come on! Reading Rainbow!

    I’ve been avoiding clicking on that dreaded tab. Now I’m going to have to, just to find out who I’m similar to….

  6. just got back on twitter again and now they hit me with this??!?! i will never catch up!

  7. That’s awesome. I, too, use the old school twitter and I’ve been ignoring the new prompts. Guess I’ll take the plunge.